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santa claus school
Santa Claus of Santa Claus Indiana

Our Officers

Santa Claus of Santa Claus Indiana

Jenny Etter - President

Jenny Etter is a dedicated and compassionate leader, currently serving as the President of The Santa Claus Fellowship, a nonprofit organization focused on bringing joy and support to children in need. With a background as a former school teacher, Jenny's love for education and her passion for helping children with special needs have been instrumental in shaping the mission and vision of the organization.


1. Preside over all meetings of the organization.
2. Represent the organization in the community.
3. Ensure that the organization's mission and purpose are carried out.
4. Oversee the work of all other officers and committees.
5. Prepare the agenda for meetings.
6. Coordinate the annual planning process.
7. Serve as the primary liaison with legal counsel and other professional advisors.

Don Rekeweg - Vice President


1. Assist the president in the execution of his/her duties.
2. Preside over meetings in the absence of the president.
3. Oversee specific committees as assigned by the president.
4. Step in as acting president in case the president is unable to serve.

Lynn Wilson - Treasurer



1. Oversee the financial affairs of the organization.
2. Prepare annual budgets.
3. Ensure the organization's financial policies are followed.
4. Report on the financial status of the organization at each meeting.
5. Ensure all necessary tax forms and reports are filed.

- Secretary



1. Record and maintain minutes of all meetings.
2. Maintain the organization's records and documents.
3. Handle the organization's correspondence.
4. Notify members of upcoming meetings.
5. Ensure all necessary reports are filed with the state and federal government.

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