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Santa Claus of Santa Claus Indiana


Santa Claus of Santa Claus Indiana


In the spring of 2022, my wife Jenny and I moved into the picturesque town of Ferdinand. Our hearts are adorned with a deep love for three things that define our purpose: Christmas, children, and service. Nothing brings us more delight than seeing the sparkle in little ones' eyes during the holiday season. We believe in the power of spreading joy and happiness, and through acts of service, we aim to make a positive impact on the lives of those in our community. We invite you to join us on our mission to create magical moments and share the spirit of love and compassion children and families of southern Indiana. Bringing joy and celebration to every day is what we aim to do together, and we want every day to be magical!

There are currently two entities that we are in the process of establishing, which we believe is going to provide a valuable contribution to southern Indiana and visitors to the area.  Both organizations have one common goal, which is to ensure that all children are blessed with joy and happiness through the magic of Santa Claus. 

The Santa Claus Fellowship is in the process of being established. This is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing children and families with the joy of giving and sharing during the Christmas season and throughout the year. With the help of Santa Claus, the Fellowship will spread the spirit of Christmas and create lasting, joyful memories for children and families across our community. Additionally, the Fellowship will assist the children and their families by providing volunteer work and/or financial assistance. The groundwork for The Santa Claus Fellowship will be completed and we expect to be fully operational by the beginning of 2024.  

Once established, The Santa Claus Fellowship will lead to the creation of The Santa Claus Research Committee. This committee will work to develop courses that educate those who portray Santa Claus. Funding for the Santa Claus fellowship will be provided by donations, grants, and fundraising efforts. As a 501c3 organization, these activities will be governed by the rules governing the organization.

In addition to The Santa Claus Fellowship, we have established The Enchanted Land of Santa Claus LLC. This project is dedicated to providing a magical and memorable experience for children visiting Santa Claus. It also supports the activities and goals of The Santa Claus Fellowship. As a result of our creation of Santa's Main Office at the Santa Claus Museum and Village in 2022, many children visited Santa Claus and learn about the true meaning of Christmas in a magical environment. Santa's Main Office will have a temporary home for Christmas 2023. Our search for a permanent home continues. 

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